Hello! we are a small group of engineers from the USA who love to design and create electronic systems. Our goal is to provide students, hobbyists, and engineers with easy-to-use components and modules for their projects.


We believe in open sourcing code and hardware and strongly encourage it. We have created a blog, and a projects page to help pique your interests in electronics and would love it if you contribute to them submitting your designs. Soon, we shall start classes, tutorials and online webinars on general topics of technology and hope you would benefit from it.


We also are very interested in supporting people with disabilities. We have been doing this for over 15 years by using electronics, mechanical designs, and software. Our goal is to grow in sufficiently in size to be able to hire people with disabilities to help manage and run this operation. By purchasing our products you are making a difference in the field of disability and we thank you for it.


We can be reached at: ez.module@yahoo.com